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The perfect staycation – a two-night stay in a lodge with a hot tub!

The reason lodge breaks throughout the UK are on the rise is because they offer us the perfect staycation.

We can get away, relax, and unwind in a cosy lodge with a luxurious hot tub all without necessarily travelling miles to get there. 

The perfect staycation – a two-night stay in a lodge with a hot tub!

Due to locations all around the UK offering lodges and cottages for rent, the two-night break option has become an extremely popular one – especially after a hectic working week!

Whether you want to try and get away from it all with the family, you want to take a walking break through the Lincolnshire Wolds, or you want to create the perfect romantic getaway, Lincolnshire hot tub lodges can provide it with all.

Luxury 2-day lodge breaks with hot tubs

A bubbling trend at the moment is that of hot tub parties and hot tub cinemas.  Taking the UK by storm hot tubs are most certainly the `in` thing, and why wouldn’t they be?!

A great time to spend with friends, relaxing with drinks and bubbles, or indeed chilling with your family with a home cinema created outside, creating a unique experience, that no one will forget.

Hot tubs bring the luxury, the style, the class, and then something different.

Lodge and cottage owners

We associate hot tubs with quality and high quality at that.  Which is why many different accommodation types now, look to feature hot tubs to add something special and add a premium for their guests.

Hot tubs can also show guests that you’re willing to go the extra mile.  You favour quality and class, and you want to offer something special to your guests during their stay.

Of course, it’s not all about the hot tub.  As a landlord, you also need to make sure all other amenities are up to the same standard.

For example, you also need to make sure that the décor is just right, and the location and where you’re based is good and local to a range of different facilities and amenities.

Taking care of all areas of your accommodation and considering the guest experience from the moment they arrive on your site is vital in providing some of the best accommodation around.

Romantic getaways for two

Very romantic and incredibly popular are romantic hot tub getaways for two.  Peaceful, remote, and allowing us to put down our phones for longer than a few minutes, staying in a hot tub lodge can often provide us with the perfect excuse to escape.

Couples can rekindle the romance and their love for each other, fall in love with the great outdoors again, and make their own experiences and weekend a truly memorable one.

Whether you’re looking to unwind after a day trekking through the Lincolnshire Wolds, maybe you want to relax your aching muscles after a cycle ride through some great country trails, or maybe you want to relax with a refreshing drink after a day sight-seeing the historic town of Lincoln?  Having a luxury lodge with the sound of bubbles brewing in the hot tub can provide a great end to it all.

Searching for your perfect accommodation

There are thousands of cottages and lodges with hot tubs, available throughout the UK.

The best advice we can offer?  Narrow down your search to specific locations that can offer you as much or as little as you like.

For example, is a location with walking routes or cycle trails important?  What about close to beaches, local amenities, and even local history and culture?

All of these requirements and more must be considered as planning your short break in advance lets you make the most of your time there.

Lincolnshire hot tub lodges

The great thing about a lodge with a hot tub is that it really doesn’t matter what time of year you book your break – these short getaways are perfect all year round.

The really great thing about booking a hot tub lodge in Lincolnshire is that the city has some amazing historical sights to uncover, and within the Wolds, some great walking and cycling adventures.

Picture sitting back in a luxurious hot tub with a glass of wine in hand while watching the snowfall down around you.  Or waking up to a glorious day and taking a dip before breakfast.

Hot tub lodges offer sheer indulgence and a perfect twist to a short-two-night stay.

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