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Why a couple’s retreat is important for your relationship

Sometimes the stress and continuous “busyness” of life can take over, and we can begin to fall into a little bit of a rut with our other half.  Going through the motions of asking how each other are, but without actually paying any real attention.

This is where a couple’s retreat and a short romantic weekend break can help.

Helping you and your partner to relax, to slow down, to rekindle your love, and to take some time out from the “busy.”

Why a couple’s retreat is important for your relationship

Short-stay couple breaks can also be an excellent opportunity to learn new things about yourself and your partner.

To chat, to plan, to make memories.

It can be about improving relationships and building a greater emotional connection with each other – (of course, (and we might be biased), but there is no better place to do this than in a couple’s retreat Lincolnshire).

Benefits of getting away from it all

  • Creates a romantic atmosphere without the hustle and bustle of everyday life getting in the way.

  • These romantic getaways allow couples an opportunity to escape.  To take in your surroundings and the beautiful countryside and just breathe.

  • There are a variety of great self-catering lodges and cottages in Lincolnshire (including Wolds Side), set in beautiful surroundings, oozing cosiness, and allowing you and your partner to relax completely.

  • Lincolnshire has some fantastic places to explore and activities to take part in.  With the famous Lincoln Castle and Cathedral is standing proud and tall, in the centre of the city.

Make now the time to explore new sights, relax in an array of bars and bistros, and completely focus on you and your relationship.

Is a luxury couples’ holiday for you?

To get away, means just that, getting away.

To focus solely on you and your relationship with your partner.  To rebuild connections, deepen bonds, and simply take some time out to listen to each other and enjoy each other’s company again.

Romantic holidays designed for couples’ help provide the perfect intimate setting you’re looking for without being entirely secluded and shut off from the rest of the world.

Short breaks like this also help break the year up, where you have special moments and times booked throughout the year to look forward to.

Being flexible and tailoring your break to your requirements will help you make the most of your romantic weekend break.

Of course, you could also consider a lodge with a hot tub, to add an element of further luxury.  An amazing addition, no matter what the weather.

Put the spark back in your relationship by booking your perfect getaway at Wolds Side Lodges today.

It’s time to enjoy some alone time.

Preparing as much as possible before your break helps ensure you get the most of your time away.

Therefore, you should:

Consider a digital detox – the whole point in getting away is to avoid all distractions. This can include stepping away from all social media platforms and our mobiles and tablets.  Technology and social media take up a lot of our time and energy, and this is not what your break should be about. 

Now, we’re not saying go cold turkey, but maybe leaving your phone in the lodge from time to time and just focusing on the here and now will be more beneficial?

Take part in activities designed for couples – spending quality time together while taking up a spa treatment or even a walking trail together can help build a unique and personalised getaway just for you.  It’s about being together as a team and creating new memories together linked to your new adventures.  Exercise such as walking, cycling, and even yoga is an excellent way for couples to reconnect. It is releasing positive endorphins that help to boost everyone’s mood and mindfulness.

Relax – sometimes this can be easier said than done, but it’s important to remember that while you’re on holiday, all you need to do is sit back and relax.  Enjoy each other’s company without the stresses of everyday life getting in the way.

Focus on your relationship – especially when you have all of this time to yourselves.  Think about what you would like to achieve from your trip and how you can work together to accomplish these things.

Plan ahead – being able to achieve the above means planning ahead and talking to each other about what you would each like to get out of your couple’s retreat location.  Remember to compromise, take part in new adventures and activities, and enjoy as well as make the most out of each other’s company, especially if you have booked for only one romantic night away.

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