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Hotel lodges vs. hotel – the big debate

When looking for the perfect self-catering holidays for couples and ways to celebrate those most romantic occasions, a stay in a luxury lodge or cottage can be the ideal getaway.


Because the lodge is entirely yours, where you and your partner have the lodge all to yourself, you can kick back and relish in the peace and quiet, no hustle and bustle of hotel lobbies, or people checking in and out while you enjoy a relaxing drink.

Hotel lodges vs. hotel – the big debate

You can simply shut yourself away and take a step back from it all.

But what other reasons make staying in a lodge better than a hotel?

Compared to a hotel room, you also have an abundance of space!  Rather than a square room with a wardrobe and a bed, you have the luxury of your own self-catering suite, bedrooms, living areas, kitchen, and quite often a deck or front porch too.

No longer do you need to worry that you have brought too much `stuff` and only a small hotel room to store it all in!

Then, when you opt to stay in a hotel, there's always the chance that you can hear doors banging and opening or trollies being pushed up and down the corridor and people talking as they pass your room.

Holiday cottages do not suffer this same problem, because you don't have to share your cottage with anyone!

In addition, your romantic weekend break means you're free to wear exactly what you want; you can wander around at any time, eat breakfast in bed, or slouched on the sofas for a late-night snack – all without the fear of room service walking in at any moment.

Of course, booking your romantic night away in a hotel can offer the convenience of room service, a restaurant downstairs, and drinks on tap.  However, the last part can ring up an unhealthy bar bill, and for all self-catering lodges, mean just that – you cater for yourself – you'll find most sites located near some local restaurants and bars.

You'll find a range of holiday lodges throughout the UK offering the perfect luxury couples' holiday.

Whether you want to be situated in a historical town or in the middle of the luxurious countryside, you will find a wide range of luxury lodges to meet all requirements.

At Wolds Side Lodges, we can offer the perfect couples retreat,  offering scenic views of the Lincolnshire Wolds, a quiet location that makes you feel a world away from everything - a great escape from often the stresses of very hectic city lives.

However, if you want your romantic weekend break to include more hustle and bustle, we're only a short distance away from some great pubs, bars, and restaurants, where you can soak in the atmosphere before retreating to your luxury lodge.

Self-catering holidays for couples

Self-catering cottages are like a home away from home.  Offering a great escape for couples, they make the ideal location to celebrate birthdays, special anniversaries, special occasions, or simply take time out with each other to reconnect.

What's more, unlike staying in large city centre hotels, you can choose if you want to be in the hustle and bustle or avoid it for the entire break.

Often it is the enjoyment of having your own space that makes lodges and cottages most appealing.

Not having to be quiet down corridors, or maybe hear your noisy neighbours come home after a few drinks on the town.

Instead, you can wake up with nature, stroll outside onto your own private decking area, and take in the breath-taking views.

You can cosy up with real fires all in complete silence.

For some, it can be bliss.

However, fear not.

Just because you've booked a cottage doesn't mean you have to be away from it all.

Make sure to check out all local amenities and restaurants and bars close by, ask for recommendations, and plan your stay to maximize your time while you're away.

Romantic holidays for couples

If you're looking for the perfect couple's retreat in Lincolnshire, look no further than Wolds Side Lodges.

With a great selection of luxury lodges available, we also have ones that include a private hot tub, perfect for relaxing in whatever the weather at whatever time of the year!

Let us know if you're booking for a special occasion, or if you would like any optional extras added to your booking, at Wolds Side, we're only too happy to help and make sure your short break is perfect in every way.

Call 01673 828 965.

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