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How to handle holidays with kids

Going on holiday with a small family, we’ll be honest; it can be daunting if not wholly nerve-wracking.  The planning, the packing, the tantrums, we can almost talk ourselves out of a family break before it’s even begun!

However, we know deep down that everyone, including ourselves, loves it.  Being together as a family, spending much needed time together without any distractions.

How to handle holidays with kids

Plus, with a little forward planning and some expectation setting, you can make your family break lots of fun and a great memory to look back on.

Top tips to help make the best holidays for kids

1. Accept your holiday is going to be a little different.  It has to be; you have little people in tow!  That’s what makes self-catering family holiday cottages a great option for short breaks in the UK. 

You’re able to take everything you need to create a home away from home that completely puts your mind at ease.  Compromise is also a big part of expectation setting – as well as accepting change freely, you also need to embrace your new adventures together as a family.  Toddlers especially like routine.  It’s what makes them feel safe.  Understanding this helps to keep you calm and address situations from a different perspective.

2. Choose the perfect cottage or lodge.  When searching for the ideal holiday with children, make sure to narrow down your search criterion to include family-friendly accommodation, as often with these types of properties, certain equipment, and furniture will already be included, so you don’t have to pack as much (always a bonus)!  There’s also more chance of specific safety measures such as baby gates and plug socket safety being put in place too.

3. Make a list in advance. Making a list of everything you and the other members of your family need is a great help.  Add to it as you go and make sure to tick it off the list once it has been packed.  Within your packing arrangements, it’s also a good idea to make sure to pack for every weather condition and every eventuality – the British weather is nothing if not unreliable.  Pack the practicalities, and don’t forget things such as favourite toys and comforters.

4. Check out local attractions.  Are shops, restaurants, etc. close by?  What about places to visit or places to go for walks and family bike rides.  You must research the surrounding area before confirming your booking.

5. Do your research beforehand to see if any special events happen while you’re taking your holiday with children.  For example, the largest beer and real ale festival being in town probably isn’t the best thing for the kids, but a family-friendly circus in town for the weekend might make a great addition to your trip.

6. Check out local cafes and restaurants and see if they are child friendly.  Places with children’s menus are ideal, and there might be recommendations online to suit your tastes too.

7. Make sure there are lots of different things to do.  Kids need to be kept busy and entertained.  And well tired out!  Look for playgrounds and beaches close by and make sure to take some activities and games of your own – families and board games = fun!

8. If possible, extend your holiday to extended family.  Grandparents can make great additions to your family holiday and can help when you need a little break of your own.

9. Try to go with the holiday flow (as much as you can) on holiday.  Try not to stress if the routine is completely thrown out of the window; instead, enjoy the holiday.  Kids are great at slipping straight back into a routine when they’re home.

10.  Set boundaries.  Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you have to say yes to everything.  Setting boundaries early on lets everyone know where they stand, and it also helps to keep everyone and make everyone feel safe.

Family weekend breaks, UK

Family holidays can be expensive and, for some, often all a little too much.  This, among others, is why short family breaks in the UK are growing in popularity.

Having everything on your doorstep and staying in a luxury cottage or lodge can make all the difference.

As grown-ups, we must remember our little one’s routine, which, when on holiday, can often be disturbed if not lost altogether – this is why patience and understanding are key.

Understanding how to deal with these out of routine issues before they become a big deal helps you maximize your holiday success.

Reality is that most family breaks aren’t what you see so cleverly put together in commercials to promote the perfect holiday.

However, at Wolds Side Lodges, we feel with our range of family-friendly cottages situated close to local amenities, a variety of attractions in Lincolnshire to suit all tastes, we can offer you as close to the perfect luxury family holiday, the UK you deserve. 

You can click here if you want to know more about family holiday accommodation.

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