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Hot Tub Lodge Breaks 

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A popular option to help us all escape and unwind from the busyness of life is a lodge featuring a hot tub! 

Our range of luxury lodges and cabins in Lincolnshire all come with hot tubs.  So after a full day exploring the historical sites of Lincolnshire (make sure to check out the famous Lincolnshire Castle and Cathedral), you can then head back to your lodge to sit back and relax in your lodge’s private hot tub.  Taking in the sights of the park and the stretches of the countryside around you. 

Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine or cup of hot chocolate, as the jets work their magic, easing away your tensions and relaxing aching muscles. 

Matched with uber-stylish accommodation, our Lincolnshire hot tub lodges provide the perfect romantic getaway. 

Make now the time to sit up until the stars come out because whatever the weather, our log cabins with hot tubs are a great experience. 

Open all seasons! 

The great thing about hot tubs is that they can be used in any season! 

For example, sitting in a warm hot tub while it snows is simply magical.  An experience you will never forget, capturing your imagination and filling you with a complete feeling of happiness. 

Relaxing in the hot tubs during the delightful summer months is simply breath-taking.  As you enjoy the light, warm, nights, summer breeze, and nature all around you, a summer evening relaxing in your cabins hot tub, after a busy day exploring, is blissful. 

Close to amenities 

Wolds Side Lodges provide the perfect location to house our incredible self-catering lodges.  Set in acres of countryside, nature is all around you, yet you're not too far away from local amenities and some amazing attractions and activities in Lincoln. 

With a fantastic selection of cafes selling local produce, local bars, well-known shops, and restaurants all nearby, there is nothing you can’t find within a short distance of Wolds Side Lodges. 

Making your overall stay and experience not only comfortable and stress-free, but great! 

Book one of our hot tub lodges now and look forward to clearing your head – relaxing in the bubbly bliss, taking in nature all around you, and for a split second forgetting where you are and enjoying just, being. 

All of our lodges, both those with and those without hot tubs, are located together in the same park, so larger groups and parties with different preferences can all be booked together. 

With a range of lodges on-site, you can book a romantic getaway for two, a short family trip, or even a celebration with family and friends – at Wolds Side, we can help cater for it all. 

We also have a range of breaks available, and we're open all seasons, so you can make the most of your hot tub, no matter the weather! 

Weekend breaks, Lincolnshire 

Luxury and romantic lodges are perfect for couples and families looking to relax and spend quality time together. 

Vast becoming a popular choice for many, hot tubs can be enjoyed come rain, snow, and of course, in the glorious UK sunshine. 

To be honest all year round – it's what makes them such a great choice for your stay. 

Picture the scene: 

Scene one – a romantic break in Lincolnshire with your partner, where you've spent the day exploring the town, took a walk along the medieval castle walls, and tasty lunch in one of the many cafes or restaurants nearby. You've now returned to your lodge, jumped into the hot tub, and you're relaxing with a glass of wine in hand, taking in your stunning surroundings, chatting idly about your day, and planning tomorrow's adventure.  Bliss. 

Scene two – you and the kids have been on a great hike through the Wolds, you've spotted some rabbits, birds, and met some great people and their dogs along the way.  Returning to your lodge, you've made pizzas with the kids for tea, and now they have their swimming costumes on ready to take a dunk with you in the hot tub.  Under the stars, talking excitedly about their day – this is what memories are made of! 

Make sure to get the most out of your stay with a Wolds Side Luxury Lodge. 

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Hot tubs are good for you! 

Trust us, they really are! 

Research has shown that hot tubs can: 

  • Help you destress 

  • Help you relax and unwind. 

  • Release tension 

  • Revitalise a sense of wellbeing 

  • Help with aching joints, arthritis, and more! 

Not that we need more excuses and reasons to book a holiday lodge with a hot tub, however, soothing away all aches and pains sounds good to us! 

Your personal hot tub 

With a Wolds Side luxury holiday cabin with hot tub, this is your personal hot tub.  Surrounded by the idyllic countryside of the Lincolnshire Wolds, situated conveniently on your lodge's own grounds. 

Our lodges have all been designed with you in mind.  Helping you to relax and unwind, we want you to think of our lodges as a home away from home – just, with a hot tub! 

These self-catering lodges let you create your own retreat. 

So why not make the most of the opportunity and take a refreshing dip in the morning as nature wakes up around you or sink into the bubbles for an evening under the stars. 

Whatever your desire, you can plan the perfect stay for your luxury escape. 

Bringing everyone together. 

A hot tub holiday can provide all the entertainment you need, whatever the occasion and whatever the weather – it can be something for the whole family. 

What's more fun than splashing around and relaxing together after a fun-packed day in Lincoln? 

And, once your little ones are tucked up in bed, why not treat yourself to a well-earned and a little further relaxing dip? 

Sit back and relax in your very own piece of Lincolnshire Wold’s heaven. 

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