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The must-have essentials for your lodge holiday

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

At Wolds Side Lodges, we want our holiday cottages to feel like a home away from home.

Relaxing, refreshing, exciting, and full of adventure.

A change of scenery is a great pick me up, and a break in the Lincolnshire countryside might be just what you need to help you relax and unwind.

Lodge holiday tips - First aid kit

To help ensure you have all the essentials to take on your lodge holiday, we’ve pulled together some of our top tips for things to do and items to bring with you for your stay.

Lodge holiday tips

First aid kit

Travel first aid kits are convenient to pack and can contain all of the essentials you need. Things such as plasters, sterile wipes, antibacterial hand gel, bandages, bite, and sting relief spray, antiseptic cream, and more, should all be included.

Don’t forget about your 4-legged friends

Some lodge facilities will have lodges suitable for pets too, and it’s worth checking this out when making your booking. Once you know everyone is accounted for, don’t forget you’ll need their bedding, leads, dog food, and those all-important dog treats!

Bring your home comforts

Whether this is a favourite teddy for your little ones or a blanket that you all snuggle under when watching movies at home – make sure to bring them with you! You’ll feel much more relaxed and can unwind a lot easier with your familiar must-have items around you.

Bring bedding and pillows

Some lodges will provide bedding and pillows; however, it is worth double-checking as this can often be a supplement charge. However, if you would feel more comfortable bringing your own, that’s fine too! We all know how refreshed we can feel after a good night’s sleep.

Unpack your belongings

Unpacking your clothing, toiletries, and more helps to make your holiday lodge feel more like home and much more `lived in.` Unpacking also helps to keep things organised and can help to keep you stress-free when you’re looking for particular things.

Make sure the cupboards are full

Yes, there will be plenty of restaurants and cafes available for you to choose from, but it is worthwhile having the essentials stocked in your lodge, for snacking, breakfasts, and even if you’re planning picnics in the park. We’d also recommend bringing some condiments, the ones you love the most. Things like tea, coffee, sugar, ketchup, salt, etc.! (Ziplock freezer bags are great for securing condiments).

Bring your favourite snacks and drinks

This leads us onto another item that should go onto your lodge holiday essential list, snacks!

For example, if you have a favourite type of cereal to go with your cup of tea or you’re looking forward to a delicious glass of wine and a bar of chocolate, make sure to bring your supply of favourites with you to add to your experience.

A torch

If your lodge is in the countryside, chances are when the sun goes down; it gets dark! With limited lighting between lodges, make sure to pack a torch to help you navigate the park.


A lodge holiday isn’t a holiday without some competitive board games. No matter the game, make sure to create some great family memories and cosy nights to remember.


For all we would like to spend some time away from our electronic devices for a while, our phones can be something we can’t live without, especially in emergencies. Make sure to pack all the chargers you need, even if just in case.

Towels and tea towels

A tea towel in case the lodge doesn’t stock one and towels if you’ve booked a luxury lodge with a hot tub!

Washing up liquid

Those dishes aren’t going to clean themselves in self-catering lodges, unfortunately.


The great British weather can change at the drop of a hat, so it’s essential to pack for all eventualities. And waterproofs never come in the wrong. Especially for little ones, where wellies and comfortable boots are a must.


Might we also dare to push our luck and say hair straighteners too? However, a lodge holiday is about making the most of the great outdoors....just with dry and ideally straight hair!

The great thing about self-catering lodge holidays is that it is up to you how much or how little you pack.

At Wolds Side lodges, we offer a range of accommodation types, and our friendly team is always on hand to answer your questions.

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