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Eco-friendly holidays designed for you

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Our footprint and our overall impact on the environment have been a big concern for many years, and no matter how big or small, we all want to play our part to help make a difference.

There are many ways to become more eco-friendly while making some incredible memories on your lodge holiday.

Eco-friendly holidays in Lincolnshire

When looking at the perfect eco-friendly travel and holiday cottage and how you can play your eco-friendly part during your stay, we've pulled together some of our top tips below.

We all want to help future generations enjoy the beautiful and stunning Lincolnshire surroundings, and it's also a great way to teach ourselves and our children how to look after our world better.

What is eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly is most widely known as environmentally friendly or being "green." This means doing or using products that aren't harmful to the environment, that the actions we do, and use are only good actions.

Top tips for an eco-friendly holiday

1.  Check out the range of reusable water bottles.  Not only does this save you money, but using and taking a reusable water bottle on your lodge holidays is also great for the environment!

2.  Reduce your plastic consumption.  Try to ditch plastic straws opting for paper straws instead.  Recyclable cardboard is also a great option for packaging and the most important thing…make sure to use the recycling bins on your holiday lodge site.  We would also recommend avoiding plastic carrier bags and opting for reusable shopping carriers instead, where appropriate.

3.  Check out your natural surroundings.  At Wolds Side Lodges our cabins are nestled in one of the UK's most stunning of locations.  Surrounded by natural beauty, protected wildlife, and much more.  Get closer to nature, building your and your family's appreciation for the great outdoors.

4.  Fancy a green day out?  No problem!  Why not plan a bird spotting expedition?  Or if birds aren't your thing what about rock pooling and checking out some of the natural sea life?  Make sure also to check local amenities in your area, local exhibits, woodland walks, and more.

5.  Leave the car on site.  A great way to be more environmentally friendly is to leave the car behind and discover the surrounding area another way.  With cycle trails and walking routes galore throughout Lincolnshire, if you opt for a holiday here, use this opportunity to go at your own pace and exercise, all while being eco-friendly.  Enjoy your surroundings and see what wonders you and your family can spot along the way.

6. Pack lightly!  For some of us, this can be quite difficult, but it's important to try and pack only what you need.  The more weight in the vehicle, the more carbon emissions it produces, and the more damage to the environment we make.

7.  Shop and eat local.  When we're on holiday, we often choose nice restaurants and local cafes to dine out in.  This is great!  When booking your self-catering lodge holiday, we'd also advise you to shop locally too!  We have a great farmers market in Lincoln town centre, and what's more, you'll be travelling local, using up fewer miles and cutting down on your carbon use – it's a win, win!

8.  Remember the basics.  Just because you're on holiday doesn't mean we should forget things like taking shorter showers, remembering to turn off lights (a big bugbear) when no one is in the room, turning off the TV or radio if no one is watching/listening as well as avoiding using and getting clean towels when they aren't really necessary.

9.  Stick to hiking paths and cycle trails.  This is important to note, not just for safety reasons (although this is, of course, very important) but also because heading off the beaten track can cause harm and damage to animal habitats and protected and even endangered plants.

10.  Opt for eco-friendly accommodation.  Most lodge holidays in Lincolnshire are eco-friendly and can proudly show sustainable development, water savings, recyclable units, and more.  Just ask!

11. Dispose of your waste appropriately. We've already mentioned making good use of the recycling units available on lodge sites. Still, it's important, and we cannot stress enough that you dispose of all of your waste appropriately.  Respecting the local surroundings, help to keep lodges and lodge quarters clean and pest free!

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