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Pet-friendly cottages in Lincolnshire

Renowned as a growing nation of animal lovers and with over a third of people in the UK now taking their pets on holiday with them, making your holiday accommodation pet-friendly can not only bring your further opportunities to expand into new areas, but it also helps to bring in those all-important bookings and revenue.

Pet-friendly cottages in Lincolnshire

But, is making your accommodation pet friendly the best thing to do?

The term "staycation" is one that is now used a lot more often—reflecting the large volume of people now opting to take a vacation closer to home.

Of course, because of this, those searching for pet-friendly accommodation has also increased!

Now, we can't guarantee 100% (unfortunately no one can) that changing your accommodation into pet-friendly cottages will see a rise in bookings; however, we're very, VERY, confident that it is the most sure-fire way to boost your occupancy and increase your revenue year on year.

Actually, research has shown that pet-friendly accommodation earns, on average, 11% more per year!

You should also consider how many more pubs, restaurants, and cafes that are now dog-friendly – making it great for guests to visit at any time of the year, not just peak season.

Things to consider when looking at pet-friendly Lincolnshire

1.  Your location.  Are there plenty of walks and trails nearby?  What about beaches, even local restaurants, and cafes?  All of these elements can make a big difference and have a huge impact.

2. Wear and tear. Wear and tear are inevitably part and parcel of renting out holiday cottages, and in our experience, dog owners are very responsible and help to make sure no damage happens. 

However, you can charge an additional pet fee, and if there is excessive damage, this should be taken up with the guest asap.

3. Be mindful of others. Not everyone likes dogs, so it's important to consider restricted areas and the introduction of set policies relating to dogs staying in your accommodation.

Creating the best pet-friendly cottages

It's often the smallest of touches and attention to detail that can make the biggest difference.

For example, help make dogs feel welcome, and owners' minds put at ease by providing dog bowls at certain drinking stations around your site, even looking to include these within the cottages themselves.  Place hooks to hang leads and coats on, and include a treat for the dog upon arrival, so everyone is welcomed to a warm reception. Placemats at doors to help trap some of the dirt and mud before everyone enters the cottage, and more!

It's all about creating fantastic user experiences for the entire family – quite literally.

The most important thing to ensure is to make sure your property is safe.  Enclosed spaces are preferred, as well as making sure no poisonous plants or flowers are growing nearby and keeping all cleaning products/chemicals, etc., out of sight and out of reach.

Clear guidelines must be set, and these should be communicated with guests before their arrival.

We'd also recommend removing all carpets and keeping to hard floors; this simply helps carpets from becoming ruined.  Look for washable covers on cushions and seats, with throws available for sofas and beds, where appropriate.

Wolds Side pet-friendly cottages in Lincolnshire is ideal for dog owners.

With beautiful walks around the Wolds and a short distance to Lincolnshire and their array of dog-friendly attractions, pubs, and restaurants, you can opt for a relaxing or a refreshing break with every member of your family.

Top Tips when finding the perfect pet-friendly accommodation, Lincolnshire

  • Search for cottages that advertise `dogs welcome`

  • Check out reviews of the cottages online

  • Research the surrounding area to make sure there are suitable facilities nearby

  • Our dog walks, trails available around the site?

  • Don't forget to pack for your four-legged friend too. You'll need a dog bed, towels, dog food, treats, lead, favourite toy, poo bags, etc.

  • Plan your travel with regular breaks and stops where you and your dog can stretch their legs.

As a dog owner, what can you do to find the perfect cottage?

Provide as much detail and information about your dog(s) as possible and as is required. It's helpful to inform the accommodation providers of all up-to-date vaccinations, flea and tick treatment, kennel cough, etc.

Provide a reference (if required), showing that your beloved pooch is well behaved and that you are a responsible dog owner.

Don't try and sneak your pet in, you'll only get caught, and it could ruin your chances of ever staying there again.  Be honest.  You'll be surprised at the range of dog-friendly accommodation available.

Ensure you keep all documentation and receipts to show that you are allowed dog(s) in the property, and everything has been mutually agreed in advance.

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