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A holiday for ALL the family 

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When it comes to our beloved canine pets, we know that dogs are most certainly a man's best friend, and, well, the entire family's if we're honest! So, when planning a short trip or a family get together, we can often be reluctant to leave our furry friends behind. 

The good news is at Wolds Side Lodges, there's no need to leave your four-legged friends at home, as we offer some great, handpicked, dog-friendly lodges in Lincolnshire, so no one has to miss out! 

All of our canine-friendly lodges are kitted out for the entire family and regularly checked by our teams before the next arrival. 

Just like you, we want everything to be perfect for your stay with us. 

From little dogs to big dogs, to older dogs and those with an abundance of energy, our location in the Lincolnshire Wolds caters for all breeds and types of dogs. 

Whether they want to spend time relaxing around the lodge and park site, or whether they, like their owners, want to go off and explore new adventures, our location can provide it with all. 

Go barking mad for a luxury lodge that caters to the entire family. Book Now. 

Note: Dogs must be kept on their lead when walking around the site and other lodges, and we recommend not leaving pets unaccompanied for long periods. 

Let the adventure begin! 

It's important to let us know when you make your booking, how many pets you will be bringing along with you, so we can make sure everyone is included in the booking and catered for - we'd hate to miss anyone out. 

Once you're on-site, we'll show you to your pet-friendly lodge, where you can sit back and relax or start planning your holiday adventure, sniffing out new places, and simply enjoying time together. 


Pet-friendly Lincolnshire 

There are some fantastic things to do in Lincolnshire, where you'll find many pet-friendly activities and amenities in and around the town. 

From dog-friendly walks around Lincolnshire Wolds to the beaches and famous parks and landmarks around the city, make sure to check our guide to pet-friendly activities in Lincoln to help plan your perfect stay and let your canine pet be part of the adventure. 

And after a hard day of adventure and walking, let the kids and the dog flop down together for a family snuggle ready for a cosy evening in. 


Things to remember. 

It's important to remember when bringing your best friend on holiday with you that you also have to pack for them too! 

Below is our checklist of things you might need during your stay! 

Collar, ideally with a name tag – this can be essential for those just in case situations. I.e., 


just in case your pooch decides to chase a rabbit or a fox, they can be safely returned to you in no time. Make sure your contact details are included on the ID tag, and if possible, the lodge you're staying in. 

Dog Lead – your dog must be walked on a lead in and around our site and other lodges, so please make sure you have a suitable one with you.   

Their Bed! – They need somewhere to sleep, and there's nothing like their own bed to make them feel more at home and settle easier. 

Dog food and bowls – our self-catering cottages mean you need to bring your own snacks, refreshments, and dog food! Making sure you have your dog's favourite brand as well as some tasty treats to hand is always a good idea. 

Travelling bowl – these are a great idea when you're off exploring the Wolds countryside, helping to keep your canine friend completely hydrated at all times. 

Their favourite toy – we don't leave home without our comfort items, and your dog shouldn't either.   It also provides them with some entertainment when you're all relaxing in your lodge, planning tomorrow's adventure! 

Towels – not every dog plans to get wet and muddy, but let's face it, it happens. Make sure to pack plenty of towels and wipes to dry those muddy feet before setting foot inside. 

Poop bags – please, please pick up your dog's mess and dispose of this properly. We have several bins located around the site, helping to keep all areas as pleasant as possible for everyone. 

Lodges designed around you. 

Whether you're looking for an escape from busy city life or you want to take in some of the stunning walks around Lincolnshire, Wolds Side Lodges can offer you a great selection of dog-friendly holiday cabins. 

And, just because you're bringing your beloved pet with you doesn't mean you have to settle for second best accommodation types! 

Not with Wolds Side. 

All of our log cabins are of the highest quality, some with hot tubs, others nestled away in the park's countryside. 

However, all of them, to an exceptional standard, a standard which we're incredibly proud of. 

We want our lodges to feel like a home away from home. So, we make sure that all of your needs are catered for during your stay. 

We also have a great selection of dog walking routes around the site, with bins in convenient locations around the park. 

"A holiday isn't a holiday unless the WHOLE family comes along." 

How many times have we heard this?! 

It's hard when we spend so much time with our beloved pets that when it comes to holidays and short mini breaks, we feel that they can't always come with us. 

But now they can! 

Staying in our superb, pet-friendly, self-catering lodges, Wolds Side holiday cabins have opened their doors to humans and dogs – making holidaying together so much easier! 

Offering a first-class experience for the WHOLE family, our lodges offer modern kitchens, cosy lounges, and some of our lodges even boast an outdoor hot tub – what more could you ask for?! 

On-site facilities we hear you say. 

Not a problem.   

We have a range of on-site facilities as well as dedicated dog walking routes situated in the extensive countryside grounds. There are also some really cool amenities to check out in the local area too. 

Wolds Side Lodges is the perfect destination where ALL the family is welcome. 

Making Memories. 

Booking a Wolds Side holiday means: 

  • Booking with complete confidence 

  • Safe, clean cabins, always. 

  • Having full peace of mind that ALL of the family are catered for 

  • Relaxing, and 100% enjoying your stay! 

A holiday your dog will love! 

Ok, so we know it's not really all about your dog, but why should our pets miss out on a great family getaway? 

They shouldn't! 

That's why at Wolds Side, we have dedicated pet-friendly cottages in Lincolnshire, so no one has to miss out on the fun and the adventure. 

Your pet will always receive a warm welcome (most likely a cuddle too), along with the freedom to explore the stunning Wolds around them. 

What's more, your favourite pooch will love that you've brought them along, as they sniff out new trails and smells, collect new sticks, splash in streams, and then cuddle up at the end of a busy day next to you – ready for tomorrow's adventures to begin. 

If you're looking for a pet-friendly holiday escape to beautiful Lincolnshire, look no further than Wolds Side Lodges. 

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