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How to find cheap hot tub holidays

The first thing you might question about our outlandish headline is "is there actually such a thing as a cheap hot tub holiday?" – but the good news is that, yes, there really is!

These luxurious lodges with hot tubs included have always been thought of the as high expense and were in some respects, you expect to pay a premium for a hot tub included.

How to find cheap hot tub holidays

The key to finding lodges with hot tubs in Lincolnshire is firstly as flexible as you can be with your dates.

There are so many amazing discount deals on offer if you're not tied to a specific time of year.

Below we provide some of our top searching tips to find those Lincolnshire lodges with hot tubs and some of the great benefits a short break can provide you.

Cheap hot tub breaks – and how to find them!

When the UK temperature starts to drop, so do lodge prices!

Bargain hot tub lodges can often be found in October (be mindful of school holidays), November, January, and February.  These months can also be amazing times of the year to book a break; as not only are sites a little quieter, you can also relax in your hot tub with the chance of icicles and snow all around you – magical!

However, a word of caution, be careful around St Valentine’s Day as prices will increase around this period – of course, hot tub lodges also make the perfect romantic break for couples – but that's another post.

Mid-week breaks provide great value for money.  If you have extra holidays or flexi days from work that you need to take, a mid-week break could be an excellent cost-effective option.

When searching for lodges with hot tubs, try to narrow down your search by opting for the "largest discount."

This will show you all of the lodges available and some of the incredible savings you can make.

Being able to travel at the last minute also helps to take advantage of those super last-minute discounts and any cancellations that have cropped up.  This is a great way to grab a bargain if you can be as flexible as possible.

Most lodges are priced per lodge, not per person, which can make them great for families who want to escape it all, and for one entire short break, spend some quality time together.

Book for a short break rather than seven nights or longer – this will inevitably save you a significant amount of money.

Book a larger lodge or cottage which can accommodate friends and couples, helping to spread the cost and reduce your spending.  Larger hot tub lodges also benefit from coming with more facilities, too, offering you more space at better prices. It's a great win, win.

Book a hot tub lodge that is also pet friendly – hear us out.  Yes, this might not necessarily drive down the lodge's price, but it will save you money on kennel fees while you're away.

Benefits of Lincoln hot tub lodges

  • Hot tub lodges are increasingly popular mainly because they can be used all year round – making it even more special when it's super chilly outside.

  • You can completely unwind and even relax with drinks after a long day exploring the Lincolnshire countryside.

  • Alternatively, why not wake up and take a refreshing dip setting you up for the day ahead.

  • If it's raining outside and it looks like you can't go anywhere, great!  Your hot tub is ready and waiting!

Hot tub lodges will always be priced a little higher than standard lodges as they aim to keep an air of luxury and the continued perception of high quality and a premium holiday package.

Lincolnshire hot tub lodges do make for the perfect break.  A lodge that is like a home away from home, just with a luxurious hot tub thrown in to help you unwind and relax further.

They're also a very different way of celebrating birthdays, special anniversaries, or organising the perfect romantic trip.

At Wolds Side Lodge Holidays, we have a range of different lodges available, including those with hot tubs.

We believe that not only is a lodge break a great opportunity to get away, but it's also a chance to unwind and recharge your batteries.

With incredible scenery and backdrops, situated in Lincolnshire Wolds, booking a hot tub holiday with Wolds Side should always be top of the list.

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