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Family memories are made at Wolds Side Lodges 

Family memories are made at Wolds Side L

Are you looking for a great escape from city life? 

Do you want to spend quality time with friends and family? 

Then Wolds Side Lodges could be your perfect retreat. 

Situated in the Lincolnshire Wolds, our accommodation ranges from our standard cabins to luxury log cabins with hot tubs to pet-friendly lodges, so everyone can come along – at Wolds, we have it all. 

We also accept group bookings if you would like to book multiple lodges, so the whole family can share the experience and stay connected. 

With Wolds, you can pick the lodge or lodges that best suit your requirements, and off you go! 

To book call 01673 828 965 and we can make sure for group bookings, lodges are located beside each other. 

Family time = Precious time. 

Our luxury lodges are set amongst some of the most beautiful countryside views and walk, in Lincolnshire. 

The peaceful surroundings let you relax and spend some quality time reconnecting with your loved ones. 

Plus, Wolds Side is ideally located as you’ll find us only a short drive from the nearest supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants. 

With a range of attractions to explore in Lincoln, suitable for all ages (check out our post on Things to do in Lincolnshire), families can take the opportunity to plan their holiday with ease, including activities that the whole family will enjoy. 

Whether you want to celebrate a birthday or special anniversary, or maybe you just want to take some time out to get away – it doesn’t matter what the occasion or even the time of year, we’re confident that everyone will have a fantastic break. 

Reuniting with Friends 

How long has it been since you caught up properly with friends?  Caught up with people from your past?  Spent some quality, uninterrupted time together?  Or maybe a friend has a special birthday coming up, and you want to do something different?  Or perhaps you fancy a weekend away with the girls? 

Our park could be the perfect place! 

Offering tranquil surroundings, luxury lodges, and more, Wolds Side is the perfect spot to get together, creating the ideal base to create memories lasting forever. 

Make the most of the stunning settings in the Lincolnshire Wolds. 

Book now. 

Corporate events/getaways 

Are you looking for a team-building event with a twist? 

A unique meeting place, with the freedom and tranquillity to let people think freely and creatively? 

Make sure to check out our corporate event information or call 01673 828 965 to find out more. 

Creating special moments 

When you think of Wolds Side lodges think: 

  • Outdoor adventures 

  • Picnics in the great outdoors 

  • Ice creams at the beach 

  • Medieval castle walks 

  • Family games 

  • Family time 

  • Quality time 

Create those special moments that will create memories that last a lifetime. 

Things to do in Lincolnshire 

There are some great activities and amenities available in Lincolnshire and only a short drive from your lodge. 

Bursting with castles, museums, galleries, farms, parks, railways, and more, Lincolnshire is sure not to disappoint. 

Make the most of your stay in Lincolnshire by checking out: 

  • Kinema in the Woods 

  • Lincoln Castle and Cathedral 

  • Tattershall Farm Park 

  • Rand Farm Park 

  • Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa 

  • And more! 

Make time to discover new places, as when you venture a little way from Wolds Side; you’ll never be too far from a great family day out. 

Then, after a day of exploring what the town has to offer, why not fire up the BBQ back at your lodge for a family meal and some storytelling.


Booking a lodge with us means you can create endless possibilities of fun! 

Benefits of a family break 

The main benefit of a family holiday is to reconnect.  Bringing everyone back together. 

Yes, Wi-Fi is available, but we often find families put technology down for the chance to explore the countryside around them. 

Being out in the open helps to bring everyone together, it frees up your time and lets you appreciate the simpler things in life. 

Family holidays are also great at bringing generations together, with well-equipped self-catering holidays for all. 

It’s also a great excuse to be free, let your hair down and have some fun.  Playing tag with the kids around the lodge or snuggling up to read a favourite book or get competitive with a family board game. 

Kids can spend hours playing outside, getting some much-needed fresh air, and tiring themselves straight to sleep! 

Find out more about the people you love, listen to them closely, and enjoy their company entirely and 100% uninterrupted – well apart from maybe a few birds singing in the background! 

Lincolnshire Wolds is the ideal setting for your UK family break. 

Gather your family and friends, and enjoy your break in the beautiful surroundings of the Lincolnshire Wolds. 

This is your holiday, your escape, so your plan. 

Your cabin is entirely yours, and how your adventure unfolds during your stay is completely up to you. 

Whether you’re looking for an all-out adventure-packed weekend or something a little more laid back – the choice, as they say, is up to you! 

Plan your perfect trip with our hints and tips on some of our top activities. 

Our lodge and park: 

  • Is well equipped 

  • Come with hot tubs upon request. 

  • Have pet-friendly cabins available 

  • Offer clean and safe on-site facilities. 

  • There is no compromise on quality – ever. 

Peace and relaxation in glorious settings 

Whether you’re crunching through leaves, building a snowman, playing in the stream, or sitting back on your lodge decking with the BBQ on, you can be assured of a great adventure, where magical memories can be made. 

With either a week-long stay or simply a short weekend break, our Lincolnshire holiday park caters for it all. 

The characteristics and features of Wolds Side Lodges are what make us different. 

With lodges being well-prepared with everything you would expect to find from your lodge holiday. 

Find out more today. 

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